What is Sexy Marketing? From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Email marketing. Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it. Oh but it is!

Let’s start by looking at the more flashy types of marketing, particularly social media. Let’s say you’ve spent a couple of years building your 2,000 Facebook fans and 11,000 Twitter followers. Fabulous. Except…you don’t own those names. Facebook and Twitter do.

How do you fix this? One way is to run a campaign to your loyal social media fans and followers that provides them with valuable content when they give you their email address. You own that email address list and now you can contact your legions through a well thought-out email campaign.

Don’t stop doing Social Media but don’t ever rely on it exclusively. It can be a fickle companion. Your email list is much closer to being your loyal partner. And that’s sexy.

What kind of outreach does your company have that acquires email leads? Do you have a tool you love?