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Marketing Plan

Cookie Cutter Marketing is rampant these days. It’s easy to see why—It looks easy and appealing to simply copy what other companies are doing. But then the results come in and they are less-than-satisfying. So, another cookie cutter idea is tried, with similar results. A total waste of time, money and creativity. And a big FAIL is applied to marketing in general.

Bottom line: STOP!

Each company has a unique set of business goals. Each company has a different suite of resources. And each company has a distinctive target audience they are trying to reach. Cookie Cutter Marketing ignores all these variables.

Rather than stamping out another batch of ineffective Cookie Cutter Marketing programs, here are some 5 ideas to consider for your company:

  1. Review (or write) a Marketing Plan: Analyze which marketing tactics have provided the best ROI and increase those marketing stars. Eliminate unsuccessful marketing tactics and reallocate these resources towards your successful tactics. Measure all your results with your goals in mind.
  2. Consider Traditional Solutions: So many companies are focusing on digital solutions that don’t suit their target audience. Instead, look at more traditional solutions that may work better for your market. Pricing on newspaper advertising, outdoor boards, park benches and even out-of-the box ideas like sidewalk painting have become more efficient. Is this a better use of your precious marketing dollars?
  3. Maximize Public Relations: Sometimes overlooked, PR is a branch of marketing that has high return. What is newsworthy at your company? How can you establish a relationship with key press contacts covering your industry?  What media is being read and respected by your target audience and how can you be a part of it?
  4. Be Visible: Nearly every industry has a networking group that is populated by scads of potential customers. Become part of a targeted networking group—local and/or national, depending on your target audience. Become well-known and visible in these groups. As we all know, people buy from those they know, like and trust. Here’s your chance.
  5. Socialize Smartly: No list of marketing can ignore Social Media. But, DON’T do yours in a Cookie Cutter matter. Be highly strategic in the channels you choose. Have a posting calendar. Know what your target audience is interested in. And don’t forget to shell out some money on highly-targeted advertising, when it works with your plan.

Finally, don’t forget about using outside resources. It just may make sense for you to have an On-Call Marketing Director! Drop me a note at Kristin@KristinTaylorMarketing.com and we’ll set up a call to discuss a unique marketing solution for your company.