The Truth About Facebook Ads From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Is Facebook part of your marketing mix? If not, it likely should be!

You have probably had some challenges in your overall reach on Facebook. It’s a very common complaint so you are far from alone. This is due to the ever-changing shifts Facebook makes in their algorithms for posts. Basically, this means success in Facebook comes with a two-pronged outreach: Smart posting and Facebook ads.

If you find yourself resisting Facebook ads, keep these things in mind:

  • Facebook ads are a marketer’s DREAM. You can target exactly who you want to reach, dialing into income levels, location, age, interests, connections and more. Your ads will go only to the people who want your information.
  • Facebook ads are infinitely flexible—use the Facebook interface to track how your ad is doing and make adjustments as needed. Even change your budget or cancel. Try doing that with any kind of traditional advertising!
  • Facebook ads are a bargain. You can set any budget you want to, even $1 a day, with ads delivered to your hand-picked audience.

In addition to all of these features, Facebook is making changes to help you, the advertiser. Stay tuned for updates that will allow you to advertise to groups. Groups are the hottest thing on Facebook right now. Also, be sure you check out video ads, which combine the most popular kind of Facebook content with the power of Facebook advertising.

Let me know in the comments below how Facebook is working for your growing company!