The Facebook Elephant–5 Essential Steps for Facebook Marketing Success From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Facebook is the MUST when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It is a base platform to provide a fantastic foundation for a multi-platform approach. Or, Facebook can stand on its own for many companies.

I know. You hear a lot about the latest and greatest. And you’re right to keep those in your plan—Instagram, Twitter, Periscope. All of these have a role in marketing for innovative companies.

But Facebook, by sheer size and volume alone, remains top of the heap and can NOT be ignored.

Social Media Usage Graph

So, now that we’ve accepted the elephant in the room, what to do? There are 5 Essential Steps in Facebook Marketing. (Note: These are for Business Pages. Don’t even consider trying to do business from your personal page.)

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Create Content Buckets
  3. Use Images and Video
  4. Look at Your Analytics
  5. Post Smart and Post Often

Know Your Audience: The biggest mistake in marketing is to try to be everything to everyone. This is particularly important in Social Media. Create a focused “persona” for your ideal client or customer and always post directly to them and their interests. Your Facebook posts should evoke the feeling that “this is a company that understands me.”

Create Content Buckets: Ok, the OTHER biggest mistake in marketing is to always talk to yourself about yourself. Mix up your content into about 5-7 content buckets. Information about buying your products or services should be in ONE BUCKET, or at most 20% of your posts. The other buckets include topics of interest to your Audience—their hobbies, their passions, their needs, their solutions. Put content into these buckets and get ready to post.

Use Images and Video: Humans are visual creatures. Your Audience will respond more favorably to posts including photos, graphs and particularly videos. Videos are the #1 way to garner attention. These images and videos don’t have to be award-winning quality—be sure to capture images and videos at your events, inside your company, during activities your Audience enjoys. Now put them into your Content Buckets.

Look at Your Insights: Facebook provides you with extremely valuable insights into how your posts are performing. See how your Audience is responding to each bucket of content, check into what times seem to work best for your posts, see if video or images makes a big difference in engagement. Use this tool every day to track how you’re doing with your posts.

Post Smart and Often: Now that you have the data from your Insights, use it. Post more from the winning content buckets. Tighten up and improve content buckets that aren’t performing. Re-use popular posts in a couple of months—repurposing content is highly advisable. Whenever possible, drive traffic to your website and blog. And post OFTEN. I mean 4-5 times a day. Impossible? Not really—scheduling posts is easy and remember, you can re-use content. Having everything organized into buckets and knowing what works makes this part of your outreach quite easy.

BONUS: Engage, engage, engage. “Like” the responses to your content so the fan knows you have seen it. Answer questions. Respond to comments. Engagement is proof your Facebook Strategy is working.

See you on Facebook!