The Essentials of Brand Voice From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Brand Voice

You’ve probably heard plenty about content marketing. But what about its fancy cousin, Brand Voice?

What is Brand Voice? Think about it this way. If copy from your company’s content (say, your home page) was placed next to your competitor’s content, could you tell which was which, without the assistance of company names or logos? Or, when you check your content from one platform to another—can you tell it all comes from the same company? If you’re not mindful of Brand Voice, you can end up with a hodgepodge of unrelated voices that end up confusing your customer. And a confused customer does not buyl

Luckily, there’s a solution. Here are the Five Essential Steps to Effective Brand Voice.

  1. Start by picturing your company as a human being. Write down a description of this person using all of the creative license you can muster. You can even use celebrities as stand-ins for your brand. That can help you get a more concrete vision. Doodling pictures or cutting out magazine pictures that embody your brand can also help this process. Finish up by writing down up to six words that describe the personality of your company-as-human.
  2. Do the same exercise for your top two competitors.
  3. Choose three personality words about your company that are significantly different from your competitors’ descriptive words. For an example, one chocolate company I worked with used the words authentic, whimsical and artisan.
  4. Riff on these words a bit—write adjectives that further expand on your words. Using the chocolate company as an example: Whimsical was described as being playful, singular, amusing and fantastic.
  5. Once you have built out your three Brand Voice words, they become the basis for all your copy moving forward. Everything from Social media to brochures to hangtags.

Be true to our Brand Voice! It is the basis for building equity and preference for your brand. And keep it vibrant and fresh by revisiting this process every year or so.

Does your company have a distinct brand voice? Who are companies you think have done a great job with establishing their brand voice?