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Viral Cool Moon

On a beautiful Friday afternoon In Portland, something delightful happened.

A skywriter appeared. A skywriting airplane. Something most people never have actually seen, but always wish they had. A form of messaging that most people think of as quaint and old-fashioned, in a happily nostalgic way.

This skywriter started making a big circle and before too long, a big smiling face appeared. To the right was the lovely crescent of the emerging moon. The word MORE was added.

Thanks to Social Media, the story quickly spread. Pictures popped up everywhere. People asked each other “Have you seen this?” And soon it became common knowledge that this was a message for Cool Moon Ice Cream, a destination in NW Portland. More Cool Moon.

Ice cream is pretty hot stuff in Portland. We embrace our Salt & Straw as if we personally invented its delicious concoctions. We flock to Ruby Jewel’s locations and Ice Cream Renaissance in Vancouver. Hardly seems possible to take on such successful, established brands and stand out.

But it definitely has happened. Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t have the data from Cool Moon. But I’m willing to wager that the long lines won’t stop forming at their flagship store. And, it’s no coincidence Cool Moon is now available by the pint at New Seasons.

In this day of viral marketing campaigns involving computerized tricks and videos of cats wearing cute outits, this old-fashioned and unique marketing technique makes the best of all worlds. I know I’ll be visiting Cool Moon soon!

Short of skywriting, what can you do to make your brand stand out? How can you surprise and delight your audience? What will you do to rise above?