Mt. Hood Community College Created Marketing Plan


Mt. Hood Community College had a marketing program that could be described as stagnant. Their student enrollment was on the decline and brand awareness was decreasing. MHCC sought a consultant to work with their President, Board of Directors, Development Director and Marketing Committee to create a Marketing Plan that could be ready to roll when they hired a new Marketing Director


Kristin Taylor became MHCC’s On-Call Marketing Director by working closely with all stakeholders in the marketing program. Her process was fully integrated with this team. She worked at the college each week to conduct interviews, review work in progress and create excitement for the plan. When completed, the college had a marketing plan that was easy to implement, action-oriented and thorough.


A 100% enthusiastically approved plan, delivered to the new Marketing Director upon his hire. Also, an energized and invested Marketing Team to move forward with implementation.

From the Owner

Kristin really did provide exactly what we needed at a critical turning point in our marketing efforts. Her ability to work with a team of staff members, including management, was crucial and successful.