Meet Kristin Taylor

Kristin owned and operated an advertising agency for 15 years. She’s also been a Marketing Director for start-ups. Earlier there was the Big Agency, the Memphis agencies, the radio DJ gig and the journalism degree. All of these have contributed to giving her an unmatched background to work with a variety of clients who demand results from their marketing.

Think of Kristin as a smart, savvy, creative veteran of the communications industry with a particular strength in brand development. A strategic thinker who is keenly lucid with both the written and spoken word, She is known for her skills of analyzing research, market background and other data and then offering up focused recommendations that confront challenges head-on.

She works with confidence and addresses clients with diplomatic candor. Whether drafting full-blown marketing strategies or local marketing initiatives, she reports that her greatest satisfaction comes from looking at the successful results of her clients’ marketing programs. Kristin’s primary mission is to always be a trusted resource to those who rely on her.