“It’s Time to DUMP Facebook!” From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Dump Facebook

I get it!

You have a difficult relationship with Facebook. You don’t know if you really want to use Facebook as a business tool.

And who can blame you? Your Facebook posts are seen by a fraction of your Fans. Facebook Feeds are confusing and nearly impossible to figure out. All the cool kids are using Instagram instead. And why so many ads?

So, I hear what you’re saying. “It’s time dump Facebook!

Not so fast.

Before you jump on that bandwagon, here are just 7 of the many reasons you can NOT dump Facebook in your marketing mix:

  1. There are 1.5 billion people using Facebook every month. By sheer mass alone, you can’t ignore the power of the blue F. This is true for B2C companies and for B2B.
  2. The interface to place and run Facebook ads couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve been shown its virtues, you’ll be using it again and again.
  3. Facebook ads can be dialed in with nearly infinite precision to your ideal client or customer. A few clicks and you’re reaching farmers in Iowa age 25-34 who go to live concerts. (Insert your ideal client into this scenario!)
  4. Facebook ads are cost-effective—set your budget and soon you’re reaching your exact target audience for pennies per impression.
  5. You get up-to-date data on exactly how your ad is performing. You can stop it, expand your budget or make tweaks on the fly. Try doing that with any other platform.
  6. Facebook is a perfect place to do A/B tests—run two ads with different copy and see how they perform. You can choose the copy with better engagement for more Facebook ads or for other marketing outreach.
  7. Facebook is seen by many consumers as a validating tool. They use Facebook to research their purchases, often before they even contact you. No Facebook page? Your competitor gets this essential social boost and validation instead of you.

I’m revealing the Top 5 Things You Must Do on Facebook to Succeed in my next blog. In the meantime, get back in the saddle and ride. Facebook is a must—for now.