Growing companies call on me To kickstart and sustain their marketing

Growing companies call on Kristin Taylor Marketing to kickstart and supercharge their marketing efforts and achieve results. As The On-Call Marketing Director, Kristin works directly with owners and managers.

Usually they have been trying to handle marketing on their own and realize they’re running in circles. There’s just not enough time in the day to have a full-time job and get marketing done, too. Plus, despite their best efforts, sales numbers are suffering. As The On-Call Marketing Director, Kristin provides complete marketing services for these organizations and works to achieve the sales goals needed for success of the company.

The essential component of Marketing Strategy always comes first, providing a strong platform for creating marketing plans and programs. Our connections with top creative talent allow us to create the perfect, unique team for each client. And Kristin’s vibrant and action-oriented work style kickstarts and supercharges clients’ sales. Which is what marketing is all about.