Five Easy Content Marketing Habits to Start Today From My Innovative Marketing Blog

Do you struggle with keeping your content updated?

With every marketing expert talking about Content Marketing, it’s no surprise to learn that it’s always essential to keep your content vibrant and on-point. Website, Social Media, Blog…it all counts.

Yet you sit there, curser blinking, mind blank as you struggle to think of something to write. We’ve all been there!

It doesn’t have to be so hard. Your content is right at your fingertips or may be sitting at the desk next to you. Here are Five Easy Content Marketing Habits to get you started.

  1. Keep a notebook with you to write down ideas. Digital or paper—or both—a tablet is there when a good idea hits, which may happen at any time.
  2. Write down your Key Words. These are the words your ideal client uses to search for your company’s products or services. Build your content around these words.
  3. Create a list of topics. Great content marketing can include updates about your latest marketing campaign, a new product or service, a big client win. Don’t forget about the less-expected topics. Keep things interesting with your take on the latest industry development. A fun or meaningful interaction with one of your customers. Something exciting one of your clients just achieved.
  4. Always focus your intentions on your ideal client or customer. Would they be interested in a recipe, a gardening tip or a home DIY idea? That kind of content is gold for your Social Media.
  5. Ask your employees or key business connections if they have a topic they’re interested in adding to your content–this can be particularly useful in a blog, where a variety of voices keeps things fresh.

Then start writing. For many people, it is best to write with pen and paper first–it accesses a different part of your brain and can result in a more authentic voice.

SECRET WRITING TIP: As you’re writing you’ll hear that inner nagging that tells you “this is just not very good.” Ignore it and finish. Walk away for a half hour. Read again: You’ll be amazed at how much it has improved!

Then get it out there. Your website will stay vibrant, your Social Media updated and your blog fueled. Content Marketing becomes second nature when it’s part of your day to day practice.

I can’t wait to read what you write!

Do you have a unique habit for creating your company’s content? What would you add to this list?