Enviromet Increased Online Sales by 40%


EnviroMet is a distributor of a full line of affordable spill solutions and drain protection products to a wide variety of businesses. EnviroMet had been a traditional B2B company with traditional direct sales techniques. Much of their sales had moved to the internet, but marketing was very unfocused and inconsistent.


Kristin Taylor worked directly with Roni Sasaki, owner of EnviroMet, to create a strong brand presence built around positioning Roni as “Mrs. Clean.” New point of sale and sales materials helped reinforce this position. A new website was built, with integrated online shopping and extension of the brand.


A 40% increase in online sales. Plus, a re-energized sales process with point of sale support.

From the Owner

Since working with you, EnviroMet has completely revamped our image with our professional logo, impressive website, distributor brochures, store display units, a sophisticated Facebook page and the integration of our spokesperson ‘Mrs. Clean.’